Solar Testimonials

Please note.  Many of our reviews come from Amazon customers.  So far with over 30 reviews we only have one bad one there from someone who returned the pump damaged.  This person also claimed we described the pump incorrectly and Amazon agreed our description was accurate.  The majority of our reviews are 4-5 stars. You can buy all these pumps on Amazon but the prices here are lower.  Also, we find it impossible to help Amazon customers as Amazon block almost all communications.


This product was worth every penny. I was on the fence for about 2 months before buying it and I am glad I did! It also arrived super fast, way ahead of the promised date!! (review for SP50 Irrigation/Waterfall pump)


This product is effective and so simple to put together. I am glad someone has taken the time to put together what I wanted to to and sold it as an integrated product that I don’t have to tinker with. (review for SP50 Irrigation/Waterfall pump)

Easy to put together and worked immediately

Great product, excellent communication and service. A couple of gaskets were missing on connectors…they immediately mailed. Highly recommend. (review for SP50 Irrigation/Waterfall pump)

Awesome pump. Strong

Awesome pump. Strong. easy to put together. Battery back up would be useful as it does not work on cloudy days.(review for SP50 Irrigation/Waterfall pump)

Nice kit

Very nice kit.  Using pump for fountain in a pool. (review for SF100 fountain pump)