Solar Powered Waterfall/Filtration Pumps

Solar Powered Submersible Waterfall/Filtration Pumps

Our range of solar submersible pond pumps are the most reliable and cost effective available today. We sell two types. Three can run to a waterfall or filtration system and two that produce a fabulous fountain effect. All are complete kits ready to set up and run in minutes. There is nothing more to buy. All the pumps have advanced features including dry run protection so they will not empty your pond if you have a leak and they will not burn out if they get jammed with weeds. They all need the sun to work.

We have three different solar submersible pond pumps for waterfalls and/or filtration. The table below shows their gallons per hour (GPH) and max head. You should avoid pushing water much more than half way up the max head number as measured from the surface of the water. The SP25 has a single panel and the others have two panels. All three come with 16 feet of hose and are complete kits ready to run in minutes. The pump comes with 16 feet of cable to the solar panel(s) and this can be extended multiple 16 feet using the PE10 extender.

The SP50 has two 25W panels delivering 50W with a pump that has a max. output of 898 GPH. and a max. head of ten feet.

The SP100 has a max. output of 1,268 GPH and max. head of ten feet. It comes with two 50W panels.

With two panels we recommend situating one to face the late morning sun and the other to face the afternoon sun. This will re- duce the max. flow but extend the running time. The MNP SP50B is exactly the same as the SP50 above but includes a battery weighing over 21 pounds, an extra 25W panel and wiring to store power after a sunny day. However, even after a sunny day it will give you just 3-5 hours extra run time. There is an option to run the pump for 10 minutes every hour. We have yet to find any pump as powerful as these with a battery that can be charged to provide a longer period than five hours. We suggest you call us before ordering this to ensure it meets your needs.


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