Who are we?

See all about us here

Who will bill me?

For all orders off this site your credit card will be billed to “My Healthy Koi” and paypal orders will be to [email protected]

If you provide an email address with your credit card order you will receive updates from either USPS or FedEx shipping and a follow up acknowledgement from us.  At most we might use your email address to contact you never more than once a year and of course you can opt out at any time.

How to I eliminate pond algae?

For much more information on AQUAPLANCTON our all natural algae solution please click the link below:

AQUAPLANCTON algae control FAQ

For more questions about our solar product range please click the link below:

Solar Pond Pumps FAQ

For more questions about our pond and lake aerators range please click the link below:


Can I buy your products on Amazon or eBay

All our solar pumps and some aerators are on Amazon.  Some can be found on eBay and we also have a few on a new site called Bonanza.  In almost all cases prices are lower here as all these other sites charge a fee when items are sold on those sites.  We no longer sell AQUAPLACTON on Amazon as in addition to the steep fees Amazon charge they make it almost impossible to communicate with a customer and visa versa.  Amazon seems to be paranoid about allowing any communications perhaps fearing sales will then take place outside of Amazon.  This fear compromises our ability to offer seven day a week customer service by phone or email.  Amazon do allow some messages but remove email addressees and phone numbers and most Amazon customers have a default security setting stopping most of these messages.  In the case of pond algae control many factors need to be considered in treating a pond or lake with this condition.  We urge all our customers to call us if the have any questions or concerns.  Often customers will call us before they buy a product and in this way we can ensure what they buy is right for them.  In all cases we match or exceed the terms and conditions you may find on Amazon or other sites with our products.

Can I visit your HQ to pick up products?

Regrettably for insurance reasons we cannot allow any customer to pick up products from our warehouse in Vista, CA, We pride ourselves on rapid shipping and try and ship same day of up until to noon and 98% will go out in 24 hours or less with tracking information supplied.

Do you offer free shipping?

All AQUAPLANCTON products are shipped free to all 50 states.  All other products are shipped free to the lower 48 states.  Please secure a shipping quote for all other USA locations.  We do not ship any product outside the USA.  Sorry no shipments to Canada but many customer of ours there seem able to secure our products to border towns in the USA.  All our prices include local taxes where applicable.  In California we pay the sales tax.