Who are we?

We are My Healthy Koi Inc and my name is Ron Leigh.  I moved our family to San Diego from England in 2003.  My wife is from New York and our four children were all born in England and three now live in this country and one remained behind now married with three children.

In England we had a koi pond and routinely had green water and string algae.  I tried all the usual remedies and had no success until I tried an all natural product called AQUAPLANCTON.  The house we moved to in Vista, CA had two ponds and both these had algae but I could not find AQUAPLANCTON in this country.  I contacted the company in Great Britain and the owner said they had no one selling here.  As I have some experience in distribution I volunteered to start selling AQUAPLANCTON here and that was over five years ago.  AQUAPLANCTON has been solving algae problems naturally for well over twenty years in Europe now here we have thousands of customers and many order every year.

One reason I believe we have been successful is the unique before and after sales service we offer.  Eliminating algae from a pond no matter how small or large can be a time consuming difficult problem and there are many reasons for this.  People who call us before ordering often discuss their ponds in detail with us and some of our suggestions result in no sale.  A common issue is having too many fish.  We can explain how many is “too many” but there are many other problem areas.  After a sale we urge people to call us if, for any reason, progress is slow and algae is persisting or they have a question about the dosage etc.  We take these calls seven days a week.

Last year continuing the theme of “Natural” we added a range of solar powered products every one tested extensively in our two ponds.

Who will bill me?

For all orders off this site your credit card will be billed to “My Healthy Koi” and paypal orders will be to [email protected]

If you provide an email address with your credit card order you will receive updates from either USPS or FedEx shipping and a follow up acknowledgement from us.  At most we might use your email address to contact you never more than once a year and of course you can opt out at any time.

How to I eliminate pond algae?

For much more information on AQUAPLANCTON our all natural algae solution please click the link below:


How do solar products work

In 1953, Calvin Fuller, Gerald Pearson, and Daryl Chapin, discovered the silicon solar cell. This cell produced enough electricity to run small electrical devices.

A solar cells is a thin semiconductor wafer specially treated to form an electric field which is positive on one side and negative on the other. When sun light strikes the solar cell electrons are knocked loose from the atoms in the semiconductor material.  By attaching electrical conductors to the positive and negative sides these electrons can be captured and form an electric current.

A number of solar cells electrically connected to each other and mounted in a support structure or frame is called a photovoltaic module. Modules are designed to supply electricity at a certain voltage such as a common 12 volts system.

A solar panel is made up of these modules and will produce electricity when facing the sun.  If it is a cloudy day or these is an obstruction causing a shadow to fall across the cell no electricity will be produced.

What solar pump do I need?

If you have a pond and can install an electrically powered pump moving at least half the gallons in your pond an hour then this is what you should do.  Solar pumps are for people who cannot supply an electrical supply to their pond or they can do this but wish to add additional water movement such as adding a waterfall or providing more filtration.  If the pond has no pump you should try and install one that will move at least half the gallons an hour.  Any additional filtration or aeration will help pond life, plants and especially fish survive and thrive.  Please call us to discuss how best to proceed.

Please note the solar products only work when the sun strikes the solar panel.  They may work at a reduced level with light clouds.  We stress this as a few customers have complained that the product did not work on a cloudy day.

Do you sell solar pumps with batteries?

We have not found any powerful pump like the ones we sell here that has a battery that provides more than six hours run time.  There are many small pumps that seem to offer this but they do not come close to the gallons per hour (GPH) these pumps can produce.  Naturally, on a cloudy day the battery will not be charged. To charge a battery on the twin panel MNP SP50 we sell here requires a very heavy duty battery that weighs over 21 pounds, an extra 25W panel and a wiring harness to connect all this up.  We sell the complete kit here:

MNP SP50B 50W Solar Pump with battery backup.

This kit has three 25W panels, the SP50 pump, 16 feet of hose, the battery and all the wiring needed to set this up.  The battery is very sophisticated and weatherproof.  One setting allows the pump to run for ten minutes every hour once the panels are not in sunshine.

We only recommend this kit if you must have extra hours of run time or wish to charge the battery so you can use it on a cloudy day for a short period.

Can I hide the solar panels?

Clearly, the panels need to face the sun and to achieve this may mean they are going to very visible and while some might say they are quite attractive others will want to hide them.  The two kits we sell (SP25 and SP50) come with 16 feet of cable running from the solar panel (two panels for the SP50) but this can be extended a further 16 feet (or multiples of 16 feets with multiple extenders) with the addition of an extender priced at $18 each including shipping.  If you buy one of these (max two) with either the SP25 or SP50 pump we will only charge you $7 each extender and refund what we owe you when the products are shipped.  Just initially pay the full price.

Other questions?

We like questions.  Please call us 855-723-3564 or email us at [email protected]