Solar Pumps

  • MNP SP16 16 feet cable extender for the SP25, SP50, SF70 and SF100

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    Extend the distance the solar pump is located from the solar pumps with this 16 foot cable extender.  Our SP25, SP50 and SP100 Solar Pump Kits come with 16 feet of cable so adding this will allow you to place the solar panels another 16 feet  away from the pond pump possibly hiding them from view or locating them for the best possible direct sun.  You can join multiples extenders to together.   Three extenders will allow you to place the solar panels 64 feet from the pump.


    Postage is free to all 50 states.

  • MNP SP25 25W Solar Powered Pond Pump Max 647 GPH

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    *** Special offer – we are sold out of this pump until around August 7th.  We have a few barely used “demo” SP50 twin panel 50W kits that sell here for $259 new ($279 on Amazon) that we can substitute for this one.  They will have a full one year warranty.  The solar panels are new and just the pump has had at most a day in a test pond.  All you need to do to get one of these significantly better kits is to order this one for $179 including 48 state shipping.  If you prefer a new SP25 please email us at and we will put you on a wait list.  Apologies for the problem but we feel this is a very good deal in the circumstances. ****


    Free shipping 48 states. (Hawaii/Alaska please call for shipping costs)

    This is a beautifully constructed solar powered pump kit with expensive features for long life and durability. The pump itself weights over 5 pounds and the whole kit packed comes to around 20 pounds. Before you buy a cheaper product please check their weight, build and features: 


  • MNP SP50 50W Solar Powered Pond Pump Max 898 GPH

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    Free shipping 48 states.

    We received this unsolicited comment from someone who bought this pump.


    It’s not often when I buy something that actually does what it’s supposed to, and even less often that I feel the need to let the seller know. Kit works amazingly for my application. Thank you so much; very happy!


  • MNP SF100 100W Powerful Solar Pond Pump Kit 1,268 GPH

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    Model MNP SF100 (My Natural Pond) 


    Free Ship 48 Sates sorry not to AL/HI – we can quote shipping for these two states.

    Pictures of the fountain pump show here are of model MNP SF70 our 70w pump so you can expect this 100W model to be more powerful.  There is a video of the SF70 on the SF70 product page.