Pond Aerators

Why do I need aeration in my pond?

Ponds normally contain good and bad bacteria and there is a constant battleground between the two.  When the friendly bacteria lose this battle we see algae outbreaks and this may lead to fish fatalities. There are many reasons ponds get algae attacks and we identify a number here.  In most ponds there is no simple solution to constant algae attacks. Chemical algae control products can work quickly but also wipe out the friendly bacteria needed to balance this delicate ecosystem.  Natural products like our AQUAPLANCTON range often work well but may fail possibly due to a lack of oxygen.  Dissolved oxygen in the pond water helps break down toxic muck that all ponds accumulate over time.  Ironically, cleaning this muck out periodically can make matters worse because while this stuff can be toxic it also contains the life force of the pond’s ecosystem.  A turbulent waterfall can make a big difference to the oxygen levels in some ponds but it may not be sufficient as, at best, a good waterfall aerates the surface water down to a few inches and no more.

Having an aerator can prevent fish fatalities supplying abundant levels of oxygen even during hot summer days when oxygen levels can be at their lowest.  In winter the aerator normally generates enough bubbles to keep a hole open when the pond ices up.  Without this gases from decomposing organic pond muck can build up under the ice again starving the pond of oxygen.

There are many aerators available for ponds owners.  We tested most of the major brands for months before selecting Matala.  Most pond aerators leave you to find the right connectors, tubing and one or more diffusers to complete the installation.  Get one component wrong and you may damage the aerator.  You may spend too much wasting money or too little and fail to generate enough air.  All these kits have been put together to optimize each component.  They are built to last in all weather conditions and will deliver vital air to your pond.

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