Algae Treatment Calculator

Calculate the amount of AQUAPLANCTON Natural Algae Control needed to treat your pond or lake with our easy-to-use Natural Algae Treatment Calculators.

The AQUAPLANCTON treatment is applied at the rate of one pound for every ten square feet of pond surface water. For a stubborn attack of algae you should allow for a second dose 1/4 for the first applied 4-6 weeks later. The calculators below should assist you in determining that first dose in pounds. You cannot overdose your pond with AQUAPLANCTON but the product may not work well if you under dose. Please call or email us for any help getting the correct dose.


  • MNP SP50 50W Solar Powered Pond Pump Max 898 GPH

    0 out of 5

    Free shipping 48 states.

    We received this unsolicited comment from someone who bought this pump.


    It’s not often when I buy something that actually does what it’s supposed to, and even less often that I feel the need to let the seller know. Kit works amazingly for my application. Thank you so much; very happy!


  • SA10 Small Pond Solar Aerator

    0 out of 5

    Free Shipping ALL 50 States.

    This small solar pond aerator will provide a steady stream of a air from the air stone provided while the sun is shining on the solar panel.   Clearly a great option for a small pond that needs aeration and there is no electrical supply or you have a water fall perhaps at one end of a pond but the other maybe still and potentially stagnant.  A well aerated pond stands a better chance of avoiding algae and other issues.  This product takes less than a minute to set up.

    Air Flow 2 LPM per minute
    Max power voltage 5.76V

    Peak Power 1.5W

    Brush-less motor

    Cable length 9.8 feet

    Tube to air stone 6.6 feet.

    One year warranty.

  • MNP FA10 Solar Powered Floating Aerator

    0 out of 5

    Floating Solar Aerator.

  • MNP SP25 25W Solar Powered Pond Pump Max 647 GPH

    0 out of 5

    Free shipping 48 states. (Hawaii/Alaska please call for shipping costs)

    This is a beautifully constructed solar powered pump kit with expensive features for long life and durability. The pump itself weights over 5 pounds and the whole kit packed comes to around 20 pounds. Before you buy a cheaper product please check their weight, build and features: 


  • MNP SP16 16 feet cable extender for the SP25, SP50, SF70 and SF100

    0 out of 5

    Extend the distance the solar pump is located from the solar pumps with the 16 foot cable extender.  Both our SP25 and SP50 Solar Pump Kits come with 16 feet of cable so adding this will allow you to place the solar panels up to 32 feet away from he pond pump possibly hiding them from view or locating them for the best possible direct sun.


    Postage is free to all 50 states.

  • MNP SL10 Three Bright Solar Powered Submersible Pond Lights

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    Free shipping all 50 states.


    Three really bright LED lights that are fully submersible and run for up to 6 hours. Lights switch on automatically after dusk.


    The solar panel stores electricity to power three really bright white submersible lights. Each light can be up to 3M (9.8 feet) from the solar panel. The lights automatically switch on when it gets dark. On a sunny day the lights will be on for 6 hours. Supplied with three rechargeable Ni-MH AA batteries. Complete kit batteries, mounting screws, ground spike, batteries – all you need.  Batteries need to be installed but this should takes less than three minutes.


    One year warranty.