About Us

The “My Natural Pond” Story

Years ago when I lived in England my pond was always plagued by algae. I tried many products with little success and was always worried some might kill my collection of fish. Then I discovered a safe natural product called AQUAPLANCTON.

It was a little messy to use as it is a fine white powder that turned my pond water milky for ten days before settling to the bottom and over the following six weeks my pond became crystal clear. It even helped eat through the muck and stuff that was accumulating inches deep at the bottom thus helping me avoid annual pond clean outs.

I used it every year after that until in 2003 my family moved to San Diego and there in our new house we had two ponds and both had green algae.  I could NOT find AQUAPLANCTON so I contacted the company in the UK and they said no one in the USA was selling it.  As I had years of experience in distribution and marketing I offered to be the exclusive retailer of this product here. Now, seven years later and thousands of sales with many repeat customers we hope to help all pond owners with algae problems beat this awful problem naturally.

Three years ago we added a range of solar pond pumps and fountains.  Many people have no access to electricity or they find their electricity bills too high.  Then there are people in high fire risk areas especially in Northern California where recently the electricity company switches power off to millions of people for days to avoid fires.  These solar pumps have proven to be very reliable and many people have improved the health of their ponds using them.  For some people it has meant they can start a pond project for the first time.

For most of 2018 we researched pond aerators.  These are mains powered air pumps that sit outside of the pond and pump air down tubes to what is a called a diffuser that sits on the bottom of a pond generating a vortex of bubbles that oxygenate the water.  Some ponds for a variety of reason struggle to overcome algae issues until it seems the water is oxygenated.  A simple waterfall barely achieves this. We tested this wit a number of customers with great results but then discovered how hard it was to find a complete aeration kit that works out of the box.  Most of them leave it to you to find the pieces.  Our range are complete kits optimized to maximize efficiency with nothing else to buy.

Hope you like this video which was shot last summer.  It really spends precious little time on our products  so if you have any questions please call us on 855-723-3564 or email us at [email protected]  We will do our very best to help you create a beautiful natural pond.